You ARE the Product

Privacy is gone. Not just commercially. The government is just as bad.

Amazon and other apps now demand access to you communications. And even reserve the right to listen and take pictures with your phone. Why does Amazon need this?  I wonder how many people are aware of where Amazon really makes it’s money.

Years ago I read an Onion spoof sarcastically suggesting that Facebook is really a CIA operation whereby people share their political views and associations, location, things they read, and friends. I’m not so sure it was ajoke.

The Fourth Amendment says ….

Technology, like everything, can be used for good or evil.  The timeless truism remains. What’s important is people use good judgement based on a moral code that recognizes right form wrong.

It’s not shocking that private actors will choose self interest. But it’s highly disappointing that our government has been seduced as well. More so to think it’s a joint venture.


About Stuart Whitman

Business Analyst by day. Reader and writer by night. Skeptical of conventional wisdom.
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