The Essentials

In the search for life in space, scientists often refer to the essentials required for life. Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. In a similar vain life as we know it in America is predicated on three essentials. Without individual liberty in the areas of government, private enterprise, and religion it’s doubtful our way of life would be sustainable for long.

By civil rights I mean our form of self government where each of us is guaranteed rights by law rather than at the discretion of our rulers. Similarly, without private property and the right to save and invest, the commercial sector that has provided so much innovation, profit and quality of life enhancement, would never have developed. And while religion is universal, America’s judeo-christian foundation is based on the moral code of the individual rather than the church as a whole.

This three legged stool of individual liberty offers a compelling reason why America has developed to a high degree of peace and prosperity in such a short time. There are other states that possess one or two of these. And some that possess none. The degree of advancement and quality of life is strongly correlated.

While the story of America is one to champion, I’d like to explore the ideas at play rather than the country itself.


About Stuart Whitman

Business Analyst by day. Reader and writer by night. Skeptical of conventional wisdom.
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